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bad songs

manor sound chat

we want more, raw, hardcore, squatters galore
more yout on the streets disrespectin the law
we find another empty building and then kick in the door, 
smash a window, cut the lock off with a circular saw.

we get in, barricade up and set up the sound
partylines are going out and word is gettin round,
people bare hyped up like they're here to get down
here to get rinsin, to get ravin with the MANOR SOUND

its late at night, were goin out after dark
this is my city too an imma make my mark
the yout are ready to go, like a bomb with a spark,

coffee cup

i swear that someone spiked my coffee cup when i got up today
i screamed 'my dearest adeline, we're going to marseille'
'we'll take the train, tell the conductor we can't pay,'
'but we so very dearly need a holiday.'

'we'll dine on port the fineste wine that we can steal'
'we'll strip off naked, run dancing into the sea'
'we'll creep into the concert hall and dance like angry bees'
'fucked on royal honey or a baggy full of E's'

'at night we'll creep into the public library'
'camp out between the bookshelves not so surruptitiously'
'and in the morning claim we're students from the university'
'and they'll believe us, serve us up a cup of tea...'

we broke up
on the autoroute
headed north into the rain

there's a riot on in stokes croft

there's a riot on in stokes croft
and everyone's invited
come along and get your stolen cigarettes and wheelie bins alighted

the cops are on the go now
there's no need to be polite ay
there's a riot on in stokes croft
looks a whole lot like a party

there's a fire in the tesco
and everyones delighted
never thought we'd see the corporate ego quite so slighted
to the saint paul's massif, the anarchists and the not-so-working classes
thank you so much for the picnic
come on now raise your glasses

then suddenly it ain't so safe to walk the streets of our capitalist city
never felt too safe myself can't say it's such a fucking pity
still people jumping from their burning homes aint quite my cup of tea
never been a better time to go hide your head up in a tree

billys rhyme

all crews united across the uk
no matter who you reppin no matter what you say
smashing up the cities, taking back our space
gonna put the piggies in their god damn place

shout, scream, cheer and MC
nobody a listen what they chattin on tv
smashin up the tesco, burn down KFC
these are our streets and we can live for free

cops, cameras, wankers with mace
backin up the tesco tryin a get up in your face
looks like revolution is well up on its way
they tell us to conform

hit that copper one more time - by wombat

oh baby baby how it happened i just dont know
but we've got a copper tied up
and let me tell you we're not going to let him go
until they all leave site

hoist him up into a tree
tell me baby should we slit his throat now just because
my angryness is killing me and i
i will not let them cut down the trees

when i see police i loose my mind
give me a stick
to hit this copper one more time

some fluffy hippies might think we are being cruel
but technically he's brain dead
the cherry picker has fallen into a pit
thats not the way they planned it

show me how to sabotage them
tell me baby cos i need to know now just because
my angryness is killing me and i
i will not let them cut down the trees

when i hear chainsaws i loose my mind
i feel inclined to hit this copper one more time

we'll make thier chainsaws get clogged up with polyprop
and turn them into pompoms
we'll get our pisspots and empty them on thier heads
when they're stuck in the mud

things are starting to get messy
so we run and get into our lock-ons just in time

police violence is killing me, but we've
still got one of them stuck up a tree
the way they treat us is such a crime
that means its fine
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